Rate each potato according to size and quality with the optical potato grader


Through innovative technology, the product drop inside the U-Vision grade is minimal and the quality of your potatoes is fully retained.


Each potato is viewed by multiple cameras, so that the size is determined accurately. This way you grade your potatoes better, both with normal and elongated varieties.


We adapt the machine to match your requirements so that you can easily grade according to the right quality characteristics. Suitable for every variety of unwashed potatoes.


Clods and stones are separated from potatoes by the U-Vision in a single pass. With grading on both size and quality, your product is immediately ready for delivery without the need for further human intervention.

We believe in the power of collaboration.

We work together with leading partners in the sector and customers who give the quality of their product the highest priority. This allows us to offer the best automation solution for your sorting and grading needs.

The service of Inovaa

Hassle-free potato grading with the best service

Explaining the machine and the system

We make the first sorting programs together, so that you know how to operate the machine. After that you can quickly get started yourself. In addition, we go through all mechanical points of attention with you or your employees.

Take advantage of optimum innovation

We continuously monitor all of our customers' graders. Based on the output, we improve our quality systems which makes the machine better in recognizing specific defects and diseases.

Remote support

Encountered a problem? Want to make a small change? Within a few minutes we can remotely view your machines' control panel and we will help you along. This way you can quickly get going again.

We grow with you

Do you want to expand in the future? Or make changes in your line? No problem. We can adapt the processing and control to your situation and grow with your company.

Request a demo

Want to know more if the machine is in operation? You are very welcome at one of our setups!

Time for an appointment?

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