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Grade each individual potato according to size and quality

The optical grading machine that sorts your potatoes better, maintains quality and works completely automatic. Book a demo, come and see the machine in operation.

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Fully automatic

The optical grader does all the work for you. After installation according to your requirements, the system is started and requires only minimal attention.


Each individual potato is imaged by cameras and therefore not only graded by size, but also by quality.

Sorted better

Avoid degradation and always meet the requirements of the customer you deliver to. Suitable for any variety of unwashed potatoes.


Maintain the quality of your potatoes with product-friendly grading. Thanks to new technology, the product drop inside the U-Vision grader is minimal.

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Go for the highest grade

Switch to optical grading. Judge each individual potato without human eyes..


Optical Potato Grader

The U-Vision optical grader views each individual potato with cameras and provides an assessment based on multiple images. During grading, the quality of the potato is fully preserved thanks to new techniques that minimize drop. This way you get the best grading for your potatoes, fully automatic.

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Control for your entire processing line

Maximize your efficiency by working with a singe control system for the entire line. We adapt our system to your situation and ensure that all parts integrate seamlessly with each other. This way you manage the processing of your potatoes from a single point.

Our customers

Customers who optimized their process with Inovaa


Complete processing line for seed potatoes with the U-Vision optical sorting machine.


Design and implementation of a modular control system for bin handling.


Complete processing line for unwashed potatoes with the U-Vision optical grader.

Van Langeraad

Grading of both red and yellow seed potatoes.

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This is us...

We have been in the agricultural sector all our life and know it inside and outside. We’ve seen different machines, optimisations and techniques come and go.

But we also saw opportunities that were not being used. That innovative techniques had not yet entered the agricultural sector, while they can mean so much more for improved grading and processing.

There’s another way, we thought. And that’s why in 2019 we started working on an optical grader for unwashed potatoes. After various tests and developments, the machine was ready for production use. Since then, the machine we turned into the U-Vision is helping various farmers in the Netherlands sort their potatoes while maintaining size and quality.

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